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Influences that have a high relative risk may be of only minor importance to the health of the population of children if they are relatively uncommon. Health insurance of any type cannot facilitate access to health care services when the necessary resources are not present.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is committed to achieving improvements in people’s lives by reducing health inequities. Health organizations, institutions, and education programs are encouraged to look beyond behavioral factors and address underlying factors related to social determinants of health. This chapter provides a discussion of evidence concerning the influence of various types of characteristics on the health of children. Although imperfectly understood, the important role of interactions of these influences, which may differ in kind and amount at different ages and stages of development, is amply supported by the evidence. Notably absent from most of the discussion, however, is the relative importance of the various types of influences on children’s health at different ages.

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  • Someone who identifies as gender fluid may fluctuate between genders or express multiple genders at the same time.
  • What Euro-Canadian culture codes as being either ‘male’ or ‘female’ can be different than what other cultures may code as being ‘male’ or ‘female’.
  • This is why it’s important to not assume someone’s gender just based on how they look, but rather by checking in seasonal allergies with them.

In many cultures, depression is a common stigma and seeing a psychiatrist means a person is “crazy”.What types of health promotion activities are practiced, recommended or insured. In some cultures being “strong” (or what Canadians would consider “overweight”) means having a store of energy against famine, and “strong” women are desirable and healthy.How illness and pain are experienced and expressed. The degree to which pain should be investigated or treated may differ.Where patients seek help, how they ask for help and, perhaps, when they make their first approach. Some cultures tend to consult allied health care providers first, saving a visit to the doctor for when a problem becomes severe.Patient interaction with health care providers.

For the most part, evidence for the influences comes from studies of the relative risk imposed by them. However, exposure to influences differs in frequency from one influence to another.

Some patients believe that a physician who doesn’t give an injection may not be taking their symptoms seriously.How patients and providers perceive chronic disease and various treatment options. Addressing social determinants of health is a primary approach to achieving health equity.

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